Our shop with its playful and colorful showcase, makes you want to discover it.

Once in, the Eva Kohska Universe will seduce you with its warm and lively atmosphere.

The creations for babies and kids are offered amid other accessories multi brand all are chosen with taste.



Eva Koshka

41 rue de Rochechouart
Paris 9eme
Métro Cadet ou Anvers. 

From Monday to Friday 11h-13h / 14h-19h30 * Saturday 11h / 19h30

Tel : +33 (0)9 67 19 28 40

After selecting the fabrics that will make our collections in limited edition, we elaborate the patterns and then develop the prototypes.

Manufacturing is carried out in Paris and France.


Small accessories are produced directly in our workshop which allows us to offer exclusive products to order.

The childhood of art

A young Parisian designer, Elsa, alias Eva Koshka, launches a childish fashion that draws its roots in pop attitude and underground. Eva Koshka is far from the eternal baby baby, so she is not a wise child!
Since her childhood, Elsa has always been passionate about drawing and creating clothes for her dolls.

From teddy bear to clothing brand

Elsa first made a passage through journalism version rock culture for fanzines and webzines, before engaging in fashion.

It makes its way, small series limited in real collections. First a line of accessories-jewels Komakino, then a detour by a school of fashion to deepen the subject.

After graduating from international modeling at the Paris International Cup Academy, a first series of crazy teddies (pin-up, rocker, punk, gothic ...) was created, and finally the Eva Koshka brand in reference to her Russian and Finnish and his passion for cats. In 2007, she opened her studio in Paris (9th arrondissement), between the Opera and Montmartre district.

Building on its success, a boutique opens its doors in 2012 in the same neighborhood in Paris. She continues to express her talent through the two collections she offers yearly as well as regular limited editions.

The Eva Koshka brand continues to grow and is now present in Europe and Asia.


Koshka, "cat" in Russian, a tribute to his Slavic origins and a passion for felines.

The choice of children's fashion was perfectly suited to his world: the freedom of printed matter, shapes and colors. And above all the desire to create an atmosphere without copying the trend books.
Eva Koshka creates original, playful clothes celebrating fifties, sixties and even pop culture!